Ikea brings augmented reality to its updated app

If you have the Ikea app, you probably find it quite a good way of flipping through its catalogue on the go, without having to deal with the clutter of the real thing. In that respect, job done, But the updated Ikea app takes things a step further.

Both the iOS and Android apps have been updated with augmented reality (AR), effectively allowing you to try before you buy. Well, try and fit the furniture into your house anyway.

The downside is that you'll need one of those 'physical' Ikea catalogues. Get one, stick it where you want to test the product and the app will scale your furniture item of choice to that room/space, so you can see if it looks right in a particular corner. Clever stuff.

You can use up to 90 different products initially with the AR feature (sofas, chairs, beds, bookcases, drawers, desks etc), with the app available to update now, but only actually coming into play when the new catalogue launches on 25 August.

It's an interesting concept and one we can't wait to try out. The only downside is having a trail to our local Ikea to get a physical catalogue to make it work. Especially when we have all the range on our tablets.

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