Budget Moto X coming later in year

We had the anticipation and disappointment of the Moto x launch from Motorola last week, the latter because the device was confirmed as not heading to the UK. But that doesn't seem to be the end of the story.

When the phone launched, Motorola pointed out that this was the first in a series of phones, with an earlier rumour pointing to Motorola delivering a quad-core version of the Moto X in Europe with a price tag of €250, which works out at something like £216.

That rumour sounds more credible after some words of encouragement from Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside. he has confirmed to the CNET site that a 'less expensive' Moto X is being developed to appeal to international customers in markets where people 'generally don't buy' subsidised devices, as well as the prepaid market in the US. We don't know if the UK fits into that scheme, but we'll be gutted if we get passed over a second time.

Mr Woodside pointed out the difficulty in finding a good quality smartphone at a lower price, forcing customers to make sacrifices in quality: 'The experience of devices you can get for less than $200 is subpar right now,' he said. 'We want everyone to have access to affordable smartphones.'

He added that he wants Motorola to be able to offer cutting edge technology at an affordable price, so that cost-conscious consumers don't have to choose between spending a lot of money on a device or buying older, outdated technology.

'Buying a new iPhone at full price for a prepaid service costs quite a bit of money, especially families who are buying devices for multiple people.'

Woodside wouldn't give specifics of which features would still be included in a cheaper Moto X or when such a device would hit the market. But it sounds like it could be here this year: 'Moto X is the brand that we are most focused on,' he said. 'And there is more to come. You will see additional products within months.'

Here's hoping we'll see something before the festive season. If Motorola wants to shift a few units, that should be the case.

Source: CNET

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