BBM goes into limited beta for Android and iOS

Granted, it isn't available for everyone right now, but some availability of BBM for Android and iOS is certainly good news.

BlackBerry confirmed the move back in May, but we've never really had a working date for BBM's extension to rival platforms. However, the company is now inviting a select few to test the apps, which could mean a launch is around the corner for full access.

Right now, the testing is effectively limited to friends and family of BlackBerry employees plus others previously connected to BlackBerry in some way (we're guessing developers, testers and so on). Those people will get an email asking them to joint 'BlackBerry Beta Zone'. Once you've signed up for that, you get to test BBM on non-BlackBerry devices.

You will need Android 4.0 and above or iOS 6, which is likely to be the entry level when the full rollout takes place. Once tested, any problems will be noted and dealt with, followed, we would expect, by the big rollout.

When? We can't see it being far off. BlackBerry talked about 'summer' in the official announcement, which isn't far off coming to an end. An educated guess would be the end of this month, but as soon as we hear anything, we'll let you know. Right now, just check your contacts list on the off chance you know someone at BlackBerry central.

Source: BlackBerry OS

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