Vodafone launches Red Freedom Freebee plans

Vodafone has enhanced its pay-as-you-go deals, with some good value on offer with the Red Freedom Freebee plans.

To get the best value, you need to pay out a reasonable amount though. But if you are willing to pay £30 per month, Vodafone will offer unlimited texts and minutes within the UK, along with 1GB of internet data. If you want even more data, a £40 plan gets you the same texts and minutes deal, along with 2GB of that all-important internet.

Of course, with the deal being PAYG, it runs for just 30 days before your new allowance (and charge) comes into play. Too much for you? Well there are a couple of cheaper, non-Red deals too. For £10 monthly, Vodafone offers unlimited texts, 150 minutes plus 250MB of data or for £20, you can get unlimited texts, 500 minutes of calls plus 1GB of internet data.

So even the cheaper deals are worth a look, although the Red deals are where the serious value is. All are available now, check them out online or in your local store.

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