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If you have an iOS device and Sky, you probably take Sky Go for granted. It's one of the must-have apps and works like a dream. Sky Go for Android is a different story.

Alun Webber, Managing Director for Product Design & Development at Sky, has taken to the Sky User forum to face the criticism and explain where Sky is going with its Android support. He admitted Sky was releasing functionality on iOS in advance of Android, had struggled with supporting Sky Go on Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, but particularly, had made an error in not working with Android tablets.

He confirmed that as of this year, new functionality on Android is now synchronised with the release of the same functionality on iOS, the major smartphone releases are now either supported or in testing with Sky and that Sky is finally looking at tablet compatibility.

Obviously the last one is the big one. Sky Go is much better on a big screen, it's a shame that Sky hasn't really tackled it. Mr Webber confirmed that it is the 'highest priority remaining' for the company. He added that the problems stem from early development, when Android did not support tablets. Sky was then playing catch-up, choosing to develop the platform rather than amend for tablets.

Sky is now focusing on bringing Sky Go to 'the highest volume Android tablets' as well as developing the platform for the next major Android OS release (Key Lime Pie presumably). In other words, it wants to bring Sky Go to as many tablet users as possible as soon as it can, then keep updates on a par with iOS.

Good news for Android, Here's hoping that tablet functionality isn't too far away.

Source: Sky User

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