Motorola's Moto X spotted with Google's Eric Schmidt?

This weekend, the Moto X smartphone crossed the line from rumoured product to absolute certainty with two high profile leaks, both of which indicate a launch can't be far off.

If you are top of the pile at Google, it's inevitable that you'll be able to test out the new kit before it hits the market and as the picture shows, it looks like Google's Eric Schmidt has been playing with a new Motorola-made phone.

It isn't nailed on as the Motorola / Moto X, but this handset looks rather like the early diagrams of the Moto X smartphone, especially with its curved back. It doesn't match leaked images of other upcoming Moto phones either, like the Droid Ultra or Maxx. Conclusion? Google's head honcho has accidentally (or not) shown off the Moto X at the annual Allen and Co media conference.

But that's not all we have. A promotional video from Canadian network Rogers has also broken, showing off the phone and its features. A real video? A number of takedown requests from the network suggests it is.

Check out the video yourself, which explains some of the phone's features, including 'always on' voice recognition, the ability to learn which is your voice for added security, Active Updates to keep you updated in the background and some interesting camera functionality, like accessing the camera with a twist of the phone and burst mode shots by just holding your finger on the screen.

Oh yes, there's a launch date of August too, with 11 August said separately to be the big day. Less than a month. We can't wait.

Sources: Engadget and Pocket Lint

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