NOKIA LAUNCH: Lumia 1020 PureView unveiled

This afternoon at 4pm GMT, Nokia launched its latest cameraphone, the 41 megapixel Lumia 1020 PureView. Nokia's last dedicated PureView smartphone, the Nokia 808 PureView, rocked an amazing camera (this one also had 41 megapixels) but was crushed by the unwieldy Symbian OS and an intrusive thick-and-heavy design. We're hoping that the Lumia 1020 PureView, which sports the Windows Phone 8 OS just like recent star the Lumia 925, will be the perfect blend of awesome camera and fantastic phone.


Nokia Lumia 1020 Pureview

Live Launch Details


So far all of the leaked deets are spot on. The 4.5-inch Nokia Lumia 1020 comes in yellow, black and white, with a 41 megapixel PureView camera, image stabilisation, and so on... It's coming this quarter on O2.


nokia Lumia 1020


The Lumia 1020 PureView looks to be a similar size and heft to the Lumia 920. While that was a chunky and heavy phone, we'd be happy to put up with a bit more heft in return for a fantastic 41 megapixel camera. Especially considering how chunky the 808 PureView was.


The photos and video they're showing are very impressive indeed. Here's some samples...


nokia Lumia 1020


nokia Lumia 1020


And to introduce the ridiculous digital zoom capabilities, here's a photo of a haystack, which the presenters zoomed into to pick out a needle...


Nokia Lumia 1020


There's also a neat four-second exposure setting, which allows you to take funky night time shots, sucking up tons of light. Here's an example...


Nokia Lumia 1020


The pre-launch leaks...


Several details on the Lumia 1020 PureView have already leaked pre-launch. We know this 4.5-inch smartphone will rock an f/2.2 lens with optical image stabilisation, and include a bunch of features typically found on dedicated cameras such as shutter speed control (perfect for capturing low and bright light photos), and the ability to take two photos at once, one high-res and one low-res (for quick sharing on the likes of Twitter without killing your data allowance).


We're also expecting Nokia to big up the Lumia 1020 PureView's digital zoom, which was already pretty impressive on the 808 PureView - this allows you to zoom in on any area of a photo, blowing it up without it looking blocky thanks to the camera's incredibly dense pixel production. Don't be surprised if Nokia also announces a camera shell that can be snapped around the Lumia 1020 PureView like a case, adding extra features such as a proper camera grip and tripod support.


Specs are rounded off by a Xenon flash and 32GB of internal storage, which should allow you to take thousands of photos.

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