Colourful casings hint at budget iPhone design

If we saw one leaked image of a coloured casing for a rumoured budget iPhone, we would be pretty sceptical. But at least three independent sources have dropped different colourful shots in a short space of time. With that in mind, it looks more likely to be fact than fiction.

The shots pictured here are via the Sonny Dickson account on Twitter, but they are typical of the shots currently being leaked of cases in pastel shades of blue, green, pink and yellow, all of which have the logo and camera hole in the same position.

If we have them down as legitimate shots, they tell us a couple of things. Firstly, the images point to production of the phone and a possible launch in September, when the iPhone 5S is rumoured to be landing. It also indicates that Apple is chasing the youth market with its more affordably-priced handset. Nothing says teen phone like a brightly-coloured phone.

Nothing much else is known about the phone known in some quarters as iPhone light. We had heard it will not be affordable rather than budget, but we'll only really know how cheap when Apple shows if off. After all, respected news folk Reuters had been claiming it would be a $99 phone earlier in the year.

If that was the case, Apple would probably take over the budget phone market overnight.

Source: Engadget

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