Flagship BlackBerry A10 coming later this year

It seems that we have just two BlackBerry launches to come this year, but unfortunately for us, we only have an image of the lesser release.

But we do have details of the upcoming BlackBerry A9 flagship phone as well as the BlackBerry 9720 pictured above. So it's not the end of the world. In fact, we'll start with the A9, as it does sound like a leap forward for BlackBerry.

According to BGR and its 'trusted' sources, the BlackBerry A10 (codenamed Aristo) is the 'most powerful, capable BlackBerry yet' with a big focus on power and gaming. It will host a 'huge' 5-inch screen, much larger than the current crop of BlackBerry handsets, with a 'much more refined fit and finish' too. You'll also find 2GB RAM and a dual-core processor, the latter due to concerns about battery life with a dual-core chip.

The A10 is also said to have styling not a million miles away from the Samsung Galaxy S4, just a little larger and more rounded. An 8-megapixel camera is also expected on a phone likely to launch in the latter part of the year.

That leaves just one other launch, the BlackBerry 9720, which is said to be a rehash of the BlackBerry 9700, except it has been updated to fit in with the BlackBerry 2013 concept and software. Not much else is known, aside from it being an affordable smartphone.

That's it from BlackBerry for 2013. So hopefully one of those floats your boat. If it does, you've still got a while to run down your contract.

Source: BGR

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