Budget Google Phone rumoured for Europe

This story is something of a double-edged sword, but if the rumour is true, we might have a budget Google phone coming out way before the year is out.

That's according to information from sources speaking to Spanish site ADSLZone, who are claiming that Motorola will produce a budget phone with a  high-end specification. High enough to host a quad-core processor anyway.

Price-wise, it is said to be around €250, which works out at something like £216. That's cheaper than the Google Nexus 4 from last year, which was highly-rated by us, especially with its own comparatively low price. Come in under that with a similar or better specification and Motorola will definitely be onto a winner.

So why the double-edged sword? Well, it seems that the phone will launch in Europe instead of the heavily-rumoured Motorola Moto X pictured here. That is said to be launching soon, with that handset now likely to focus on the US market.

So not all good news, but having seen a leaked specification of the Moto X, we'll not be shedding too many tears about the lack of a UK launch. Not with a quad-core smartphone at a budget price to comfort us a little further down the line.

Source: Crave

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