HTC One gains Android 4.3 certification

It's all a little vague right now, but due to a report on the HTC One, we believe Android 4.3, which is likely to go by the name Key Lime Pie, is just around the corner.

How do we know that? Well basically, the HTC One Google Edition got certification for Bluetooth on 5 July, after an application went in on 18 June. That's a known fact due to the model number on the report tallying up with the Google Edition model.

Obviously the phone would have had all of that sorted out ahead of the official launch in May, but it has just gone through the process a second time. There's no reason for this, apart from the change of operating system. Yes, on this new report, the phone is said to be running Android 4.3 (aka Key Lime Pie). As a Google Edition phone, it would be front of the queue for the latest OS, so perhaps that is why.

But there's also another reason. Androod 4.3 is said to have Bluetooth 4.0 LE support. This is the Low Energy version of Bluetooth that allows a phone to sync with accessories. Perhaps that's why there's a second test going on.

The bottom line is the likelihood of a launch of Android 4.3 very soon, either rolled out across existing Google devices or with new hardware. A new Nexus 7 tablet has been rumoured, so that wouldn't be surprise.

When we hear anything concrete, we'll let you know. But it sounds like there's not long to wait for Android's next step up.

Source: Phone Arena

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