Sony starts to roll out My Xperia service

We mentioned this back in February, but only because it was being trialled back then. Now My Xperia is finally getting a worldwide rollout.

If you missed it back then, this is Sony's tracking service. or rather, something that keeps track of your smartphone, should you mislay it. You can either locate it on a map using the GPS or sound an alert if you think it is closer to hand - even in silent mode.

If something has happened to your phone, such as being taken when you weren't aware, you can sort that too. You can remotely kill of the smartphone, wiping internal and external (card-based) data to keep your secrets safe.

It was trialled in the Nordic countries from February and is obviously working well enough to roll it out worldwide now. My Xperia will be accessible using Google sign-in details through, with the service gradually rolling out over the two to three weeks to all owners of 2012 and 2013 models.

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