HP to return to smartphone market

Remember HP's last move into the smartphone market? It was quite a significant one at the time, but ultimately an unsuccessful move. The company will be hoping its return will not be quite so catastrophic.

Of course, last time out the company bought the WebOS platform from Palm, using the operating system to bring out follow-up devices to the original Palm Pre, including the Pre 3 and Veer, along with the HP TouchPad. Ultimately, consumers failed to buy into the new platform, resulting in a clearance sale of devices and the sale of webOS, eventually to LG.

The Indian Express got the scoop on this latest move, with HP's Senior Director Consumer PC and Media Tablets Asia Pacific Yam Su Yin confirming the company will re-enter the smartphone market offering a 'differentiated experience' for customers. However, he also added that there was no timetable for getting the device to market, saying simply that HP 'has to be in the game'.

It's a profitable market and perhaps one that a company like HP cannot ignore. The next question is obviously what operating system will be used. If we discount the company developing its own, we're only really left with the possibility of Android. Yes, there are other lesser options, but if we're talking mass market, Android is the only choice. Which is hardly a 'differentiated experience'.

Sounds like 2014 is more likely to a launch than this year. Be interesting to see what HP comes up with.

Source: Indian Express

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