First Firefox phones go on open sale in Europe

No UK launch in sight for the first generation of Firefox phones, but we're hopeful of some action after the first model went on sale in Europe. Whether we'll be looking to buy is an altogether different matter.

The first commercial Firefox phone was launched back in January, with the ZTE Open shown off at the MWC event back in February. It is this phone that currently sits on the racks of Spanish mobile stores, courtesy of the Telefonica network (O2 in the UK).

It is cheap. Very cheap. It costs €69 (around £59), which includes €30 (£26) of credit on a pay as you go deal. Which means the hardware is selling for around the equivalent of £33.

Good price, but we weren't impressed with the hardware when we had a play at MWC. It offers a 3.5-inch 480x320-pixel resolution screen, a 3.2 megapixel camera, 256MB RAM, a Cortex A5-based Qualcomm processor and just 512MB of storage. So you can perhaps understand that price.

The key selling point was obviously the Firefox OS, which we found slow and just a little dated. Certainly nothing we would run out and buy. But this is a first step, with more hardware to follow. So perhaps missing out on the ZTE Open isn't a bad thing really.

Bump up the specification and work on the OS, whilst keeping the price at a reasonable level. A next-gen Firefox smartphone might be worth a look. But for now, even at the budget price, we'll probably pass.

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