Red version of HTC One heads to UK

If you want to stand out from the crowd, getting a red mobile phone should assist you in doing so. Getting a red HTC One almost certainly will.

Ok, so we haven't (as yet) got the Google Edition of the HTC One, but we have got a version in a striking new red colour. This one is heading to the UK in the middle of July, courtesy of Phones 4U, which has an exclusive on this particular shade.

In a statement, the company said: 'The new HTC One in Glamour Red showcases the power of our flagship model in a colour that demands attention, whilst maintaining the high standards set for sophisticated design and build quality.'

So 'Glamour Red' is the official name of the colou, with the phone available to pre-order right now. A quick glance at the tariffs on that page shows availability with all the networks, including a 4G deal with EE. If you want the phone for 'free', the starting price is £33 per month with Vodafone, which is over 24 months and with 600 minutes and 500MB of data. The best 4G deal with a free phone is £41, which gets you 1GB of data plus unlimited calls.

As for the phone itself, that's not changed since we gave it a five-star review a short while back. We called it an 'all-round superstar' - and that was before we saw it in red.

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