Sony Xperia i1 caught on camera

Not a great deal is known about it, but we do at least have a photo of a future launch from Sony, going by the name of the Xperia i1.

There it is, up above. The one in the middle in case you are wondering, nestled between the recently-launched Z Ultra and the Xperia ZL (which is a slightly variation of the Xperia Z). It sits quite well between those two models too.

According to the TechTudo site (where the image came from), it's around 5.4 inches in size, with the front of the device all screen. But that's not the  key selling point here. That's the camera.

It seems Sony is going big on snapping. Quite literally too as there's a 20-megapixel camera housed in this phone, which immediately has it battling at the top of the market when it comes to photography. Although the likely launch of the Nokia Eos, likely to appear on the shelves as the Lumia 1020, will push it down a peg.

Not much else is in the public domain as yet, although it does tally up with previous rumours of a phone focusing on imaging from Sony and mimicking the behaviour of Sony's Cybershot camera range, allegedly throwing in a glass lens and 1/1.6″ Exmor RS stacked sensor for good measure.

One thing we are sure of though. If the hardware is doing the rounds for photos, it seems like a launch for the Xperia i1 isn't far off.

Sources: TechTudo and Android Beat

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