Google Earth update brings Street View to iOS

It's already available to Android owners, but as of today, Google Earth is offering a Street View option to iOS device owners too.

That is, if you update to Google Earth 7.1. The update brings a few new features, but the most notable is the addition of its Street View imagery. So if you want to walk down a street before actually walking down it, just get your iPhone or iPad out of your pocket or bag.

Also listed as enhancements are improved transit, walking and biking directions, which can be viewed in 3D, a streamlined layer, with 'informational' layers like Wikipedia located under an Earth logo in the top left off the app.

Talking of Google Earth, Google has also announced some improvements in that too. New software has allowed the company to enhance its satellite imagery by removing the clouds. The result being more detailed maps, whatever the weather.

Anyway, if all of that sounds good, head to the app store.

Source: Engadget

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