O2 signs up to promote Windows Phones

If you are planning on renewing with O2 in the coming months, don't be surprised to get a Windows phone thrust into your face. That's because O2's owner Telefonica has signed a deal with Microsoft to promote the Windows Phone 8 platform to you, the potential owner. It could also mean more exclusive Windows launches in your O2 store.

It sounds quite an admirable gesture from Telefonica, which talks about ending the 'duopoly' of iOS and Android in the mobile market, adding that it will 'enhance marketing activities' for Windows Phones in various territories, including the UK, as well as offering 'a more personal smartphone experience like Windows Phone offers.'

The company adds that it will have plenty of 'high quality' Windows Phone hardware available to sell, the with the intention of helping to make the smartphone market 'more competitive'. Windows currently has around 8.4 per cent of the market share, compared to 56.9 per cent for Android and 28.7 per cent for Apple's iOS.

'Promoting the use of Windows Phone 8 will benefit customers, as there will be more options to choose from while diluting the polarisation of installed base in operating platforms,' Telefónica said.

But I think it's fair to say that this isn't all about being charitable to one platform. More likely, Microsoft is offering some kind of financial incentive to Telefonica/O2 to promote and shift more phones. The end result could make the market just a little more even, but it's likely to be of more benefit to Telefonica's bottom line.

Source: The Inquirer

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