Sony SmartWatch 2 gets an official launch

Well, it looks like the rumours were right, with Sony launching its latest wrist-based mobile technology, the Sony SmartWatch 2.

The iWatch might be coming from Apple, but the SmartWatch 2 is here, described as a second screen for an Android phone rather than a standalone gadget. That screen, by the way, is 1.6 inches, with a 220x176 pixel resolution.

Glance at it for notifications from your phone and the ability to control certain functions of that phone without delving into your bag or pocket. So deal with calls, read emails, check maps, sort out music playback and so on. There's even a way to remotely to remotely take photos via your phone too, if that's your thing.

The watch is both water and dust-resistant as expected and hooks up to phones (and tablets) via NFC pairing. Is it the future? Well, with Apple working on something similar, it might just be. You'll be able to try it our for yourself from September 2013, price still to be confirmed.

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