Sony to launch new Android SmartWatch this week

The Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai should be the venue for Sony's new SmartWatch.

Sony itself has been busy dropping hints about the launch under the Twitter hashtags of #itstime and #MAE13. The image above is one such hint, talking up the popularity of wrist-based technology, while a picture of a SmartWatch with the words, 'Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock' leaves little doubt. But details of the hardware have been scarce.

Enter one of those tipsters, this time talking to the US Cnet site and by all accounts, with credibility when it comes to Sony products. That source claims that the follow-up to 2012's SmartWatch will feature a larger screen than the original and will be 'minimally' water-resistant, in line with Sony's recent mobile product launches.

It will also have a capacitive touch screen, a three-icon layout below the screen (rather like Xperia phones) and interestingly, NFC connectivity for one-touch pairing with a smartphone, which would be maintained via Bluetooth.

It all sounds very promising. We should see it during the dates of that trade show, which is over 26 - 28 June, so the back end of this week. Look out for our report on the launch as and when it happens.

Source: Cnet

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