Instagram Video gets an official launch

We heard a rumour it was coming and the Facebook-owned company didn't disappoint. Instagram Video is here. Quite literally too, as the iOS and Android apps have already been updated to use it.

Make no mistake, this is a challenger to Twitter's Vine, offering functionality not a million miles away from that particular app. Hit the button on the bottom right corner of the app and you can record up to 15 seconds of video, using a choice of 13 new filters exclusively for the video service. There's also a Cinema image stabilisation feature for iOS users, which should cut down on the amount of jitter you get from video shoots. Don't worry Android users, that will be added soon. In the meantime, keep a steady hand. Oh yes, you can choose your own cover shot for a video, which is nice.

Where it gains on Vine is in length of clip, extras controls for editing and those all-important filters. Where it perhaps loses is the inability to share your finished video on other networks. It is strictly in your Instagram timeline for now. The videos don't loop either (like Vine), which you might find as a good or bad thing. For an Instagram timeline, it's probably a good thing.

But essentially, it will all come down to personal choice - and if you are already a regular Instagram user. Give it a try, both versions of the updated app are available right now to download.

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