iPhone 5S likely to change little physically

See the phone front plates above? They allegedly belong to the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S. They don't a look a whole lot different either.

The images comes via Chinese site FanaticFone, showing a selection of images that are pretty detailed. Perhaps too detailed to be fakes - no blurring of the shots here to hide a few PhotoShop tricks. Indeed, the metadata shows these were taken with a D-SLR camera, adding to the authenticity claims.

As we hinted at above, they also show little change between two generations of iPhone. That wouldn't be a surprise. If this is the iPhone 5S, then the 'S' tends to indicate updating of the inner workings rather than a radical overhaul. Something borne out by these shots.

Chassis anchor points, camera holes and antenna plugs are located in identical positions. In fact, the only real change is the flex cable that 'feeds' information and power to the panel.

That doesn't mean nothing will change outside the upgrade to iOS 7 though. There is still plenty of scope for Apple to upgrade the components inside rather than change the overall shape. There is one other factor to consider too. Perhaps this is a part from a prototype device. If so, it could be a false trail - and the real iPhone 5S is still being kept from prying eyes.

Source: Apple Insider

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