Instagram video apps should launch this week

Details are scarce, but the message seems to be clear. Facebook will host an event on Thursday, where it will launch video as a new addition to the hugely popular Instagram service.

That's according to AllThingsD and countless other rumours. That site quotes 'multiple sources familiar with the matter' and claims the service isn't a reaction to Vine, but a project that has been ongoing for two years now, although the Facebook cash has no doubt helped it from drawing board to reality.

It must be significant as Facebook is giving over an entire press event to its launch. It will no doubt want to explain just how much work has gone into the product, with sources claiming that Facebook is worried that Instagram video will look like catch-up against Twitter's Vine product despite the long lead time.

Another worry is how the company can launch the video service without impacting on the success of the stills. The appeal of Instagram is its simplicity and speed, both for use and browsing. Facebook and Instagram are acutely aware that video could interrupt that smooth flow. With that in mind, videos are said to be limited to between five and 10 seconds. Anything longer and users might lose interest in it and patience with it.

Nothing else is really known for sure as yet. Presumably apps for Android and iOS will be offered from day one and we would expect it to be a worldwide launch too, rather than being limited to (say) just the US.

We'll know for sure in a day or so. In a matter of weeks, we should know if the service has put a dent in Vine's success too or whether there's room for two big players in the video sharing market.

Source: AllThingsD

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