ITV Player app for iOS gets a premium option

The ITV Player app has been around for some time, but has always worked on the basis of showing ads to finance the mobile catch-up service. Ads that a lot of people could well do without. For those folk, there is now an option to get rid of them.

It's an expensive way to go too. There is now a £3.99 option for the free app. That's £3.99 each month, not a one-off payment, by the way. That fee balances the books for you having no ads on your catch-up viewing on ITV1, 2, 3 or 4, as well as CITV. Note that's catch-up only, the actual love broadcasts will still have the ads, naturally.

When you next update and load the app (or download for the first time), you'll be given the option to go premium with a subscription. If you don't want to lose the best part of £4 each month, you can continue to 'enjoy' the ads presented by ITV.

According to Steven Power, Product Manager for ITV Player on Mobile: 'As ITV Player on mobile devices continues to grow – over 7 million downloads on iOS to date – it is important we deliver innovative business models and adapt the product to the evolving market. I'm genuinely excited that we're the first commercial broadcaster to offer viewers the choice to watch content with or without advertising.'

If it's a success, we would expect Android users to be given the same choice at a later date. For busy folk, it might be worth the cash. But for the rest, it might be a bit much to to ask each and every month for the sake of a couple of minutes of ads here and there. Especially if you aren't a regular on ITV Player.

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