Game review: Sheep Up! (Android)

The basic idea of Sheep Up is unique, and somewhat unusual.


The game consists of an addictive, confusing series of levels which must be navigated by bouncing a cartoon sheep across cardboard boxes to get through trap doors and earn coins. The game itself appeals to any age, however the imagery used in the Google Play store is more suited to children. 


Sheep Up! isn’t complicated, but it can be frustrating (especially if you get stuck on a level for more than 10 minutes, which happens rather often). The gameplay performance is intuitive and fast, and there are a few small features such as the way the legs on the sheep kick about in the air when he bounces, or the shadow that appears under him when he lands, that add to the overall precision and class of the game.


Although the first batch of levels of Sheep Up! are fun and seem to hold your attention for a while, after the first few, you find your concentration weakening and your interest in the game decreasing. When moving onto the next level, you are not challenged any more than you were previously. The set up and arrangement of the boxes are just different and further apart – even though there a few different features added that make no difference to the difficulty of the level – i.e a red button that unlocks the trap door, or a one-eyed alien that you must jump on to defeat.



You are also then asked if you wish to purchase another sheep, for example a ‘Zombie Sheep’ or a ‘Ninja Sheep’ to help increase your chance of completing a level. However, if you don’t have enough pixelated coins, you will be directed to the Play Store, where coins cost real money. One wrong touch of a button and you could end up paying up to £10.


Overall, Sheep Up! is a unique and well-thought through application for all ages that does a sufficient job for a free game.


However, although you are eager to defeat a level after continually failing, you are not left feeling addicted and desperate to complete it, but frustrated that something so basic yet repetitive could confuse you so easily, and you are simply too bitter to go back for more punishment.


Review: Ella Doran

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