BBC Weather app launches

BBC has launched an app for its popular Weather service, following increased demand from mobile users. The free-to-download Weather app is available on iOS and Android and features the same simple interface and misery-inducing information as the website, giving you up-to-the-minute updates on the thunderstorms about to ruin your day.


BBC Weather detects your location as soon as you open the app, giving you an instant overview of that all-day barrage of hail and rain that's gonna knacker your fishing trip. You can also check the five-day forecast, to see that no, you can't put it off until later in the week, because it's non-stop gales until Friday.


You can also do a quick search for any location in the UK and even abroad, if you're planning a getaway. We hear Italy is nice this time of year.


Liz Howell, Head of BBC Weather said: “The new BBC Weather app is the perfect companion for this summer’s great British sport and music events. We know that our audiences really want that at-a-glance forecast when they’re out and about, with the option of digging for further detail when they need or want to. That’s exactly what we’ve delivered, squeezing in all of our trusted data into an app that’s simple to use and looks fantastic.”

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