Rumoured specification for Nokia EOS breaks

The last we heard, the Nokia EOS was down for an official launch in July. We heard that, but we knew very little about the finished item, not even the final name. We still don't know that, but we do know a lot more about the inner workings if the latest story holds true.

As ever, details are from 'trusted sources', so we can't be 100 per cent sure if this is the real deal. But it does have a ring of truth about it. If that's the case, the EOS (unlikely to be the final name) will come with a 41-megapixel camera with Xenon flash, as well as hosting 32GB of internal storage, a 768 x 1280 OLED screen, the latest version of the Windows Phone 8 software (of course), an FM radio and a 'flip to silence' feature, al packed into a  polycarbonate body.

The camera is said to take a 35-megapixel photo and a 5-megapixel photo at the same time (one to save, one to share), which probably makes sense. It will also use 'Nokia Pro Camera', effectively turning the phone into a good quality compact camera - and more.

As for appearance, well that yellow case will be a little slimmer than the Nokia 920, but like the Nokia 808 PureView that came before it, will have a 'camera hump' to accommodate that super snapper.

Next month isn't out of the question for a launch, one of the more interesting launches from Nokia in recent times, we would say.

Source: Windows Phone Central

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