Apple's radio service could launch next week

Have you ever used the Pandora music streaming service? If so, you might have a good idea of just what Apple's radio service will offer.

Apple is said to be launching it next week, although we don't have any definite idea of just when it will be offered to the wider public. That's likely to be when iOS 7 is rolled out, although it could be an even longer wait for us Brits. Those pesky rights issues are always at play when it comes to music.

That's why you probably haven't used the Pandora music service, which is limited to the US, although it was briefly available in the UK some time back. Pandora does pretty much exactly what Apple's 'iRadio' is likely to do - offering you the chance to start a radio station based on a song or artist, with songs added based on those preferences. That similarity is no doubt why Pandora's shares took a significant hit in the last day or so.

According to the same Bloomberg sources reporting the above, it should be revealed on 10 June, with Apple already negotiating with advertising companies to run ads on its enhanced iAds service, which will be key to making a profit from the radio.

The radio offering will also be 'tightly integrated' with iTunes, so the option to buy that tune will only be a click away. That's likely to appeal to the record labels, two of which (Universal and Warner) have already agreed terms with Apple.

This time next week, we should know all about it. Fingers crossed those licensing deals aren't just for the US.

Source: Bloomberg

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