Vine launches for Android devices

It launched in a blaze of glory and just a little bit of controversy, but Twitter's Vine app was only available for iOS devices on the day of launch. Over four months later and it is available for Android devices too.

Initially pitched as the Instagram of video by many, the app burnt brightly for a few weeks, but has since become more of a niche product, steadily building its audience as users get more of an idea of just how it works and what works as a Vine clip. Pulling in the Android audience will certainly give it a shot in the arm.

According to the official Vine blog, Android users can start shooting, looping and sharing videos right away, as well as being able to discover what's popular and what subjects are trending. Of course, you can share your finished videos on Twitter too.

It's not quite the latest iOS app yet, but that is because the Android app has been in development for all this time. Twitter/Vine has confirmed it will be syncing the two apps soon though, which means front-facing camera usage, search, mentions and hashtags, along with the ability to share to Facebook will all follow in no time at all.

Nothing huge missing though - so go get the app and get shooting! The app is free, of course.

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