Motorola confirms Moto X smartphone

We have been talking about it for months, but without any confirmation from the maker, the Motorola X phone was just that. A rumour. That has all just changed.

The company has taken to the floor to confirm the phone as the Moto X. The floor of the D11 conference, that is, with the man behind the confirmation being Motorola head Dennis Woodside. He said the company's next 'hero' phone will be the Moto X, one of a 'handful' of new phones from Motorola to be launched before October of this year.

Mr Woodside added that the Moto X will be built in a 500,000-square-foot facility outside of Fort Worth, Texas, that was previously used to build Nokia phones, with the processors from Taiwan and the OLED screens from Korea.In fact, he has one with him. 'It’s in my pocket, but I can’t show it to you,' he added. Yes, really.

The only other detail offered was that the Moto X will be packed with sensors that are integrated into the phone and draw little power. For example, the phone will know when it’s taken out of someone’s pocket or travelling in a car - the phone will act differently in each circumstance, so a user can interact with it safely.

More teasing to come for sure. But that launch is still some time off sadly.

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