EE introduces 30-day 4G SIM deals

The problem with 4G right now is that there's only EE offering it. So committing yourself long term isn't that wise with a range of new deals likely to be arriving over the summer months. A solution? Perhaps the 30-day SIM deals from EE.

As that suggests, it is a rolling 30-day contract without commitment beyond that point, but you'll pay a little more for it. The deal costs £23 per month, compared to £21 monthly for a 12-month commitment. That gets you just 500MB though (plus unlimited calls and texts), which isn't going to last if you use it to view some movies on the go.

Other deals are available though, topping out at 20GB for each month, which costs you a hefty £63 monthly, compared to £61 for the deal if you sign for 12 months.

To be fair to EE, the comparison between the monthly and 12-monthly deals isn't huge, so you can see appeal in it, especially if you don't want to risk signing a deal ahead of offerings from the likes of Vodafone, O2, Three and possibly even BT.

But it still might be quite pricey for some and is still geographically sensitive, although not as much as it was at launch. Definitely worth checking out if you want to dip your toe into the 4G water though.

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