Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 3

Interesting that Samsung has confirmed the existence of the Galaxy Note 3 well ahead of launch. Although, let's be honest, we all pretty much knew one was coming sooner or later.

Samsung hasn't given much in the way of detail though, perhaps because the inner workings are still being sorted out. There are rumoured to be three versions doing the rounds right now, with Samsung still to decide which device will work in the current market.

Not that Samsung has said as much. Korean site ETNews claims a Samsung official has simply confirmed that existence. But the site's source had a little more to say about the camera.

He or she claimed that the Note 3 would host a 13-megapixel camera, with add-ons including optical image stabilisation and 3x optical zoom, the kind of thing you would expect on a standalone compact camera. A big selling point, that's for sure. Now if Samsung can sort out that flexible screen, we'll really get excited.

Still months to go before the phone is expected to launch though, but it looks like the Note 3 is taking shape to be one of the contenders of 2013.

Source: Engadget

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