Confusion over Sky's Android apps

It sounds like Sky is the latest big name to fall foul of Twitter hackers, which has caused all sorts of confusion regarding its Android apps.

Not that the Twitter hacking was initially known. On Sunday morning, a message went out, saying: 'We are aware that the Android apps of Sky+, Sky News were hacked and replaced... please remove the apps if you are already installed it.'

Panic ensued, with many people no doubt doing that very thing. However, the truth filtered out later in the day, with Sky 'officially' saying: 'Sky Android apps previously downloaded by Sky customers are unaffected and there is no need to remove them from Android devices.'

So if you are worried, don't be. Your Sky apps are just fine. But there's a twist to this story. Google has subsequently pulled the apps from the Google Play Store, no doubt as a precautionary measure. No one has announced when the apps will be available again, but you would expect that both Sky and Google would want to give the apps the once-over in case anything has been tinkered with.

That's now unlikely, so expect them back online soon. You might want to double check what you read on Twitter too, as a lot of high profile media companies seem to be getting caught out via Twitter right now, even with recently-introduced increased account security.

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