Mailbox gets iPad-friendly

Considering it is just an iOS app and just a mail app, it's hard to believe that Mailbox has become one of the most talked-about apps of 2013. That's the power of marketing for you. It looks the like the app is slowly increasing its reach too.

The app has just made the jump to 1.3, only a month after the 1.2 update - the update that brought it from being available to a (relatively) select few to mass market. Presumably because of considerable investment from the company behind Dropbox.

Now it has made it to the iPad as the major change in 1.3. It's the same app to download, but the new version makes full use of the space on Apple's tablet. Which might make it easier to browse and sort your Gmail with a few swipes, in the hope of keeping that email count at zero.

Still no movement on the app being available for Android or indeed, having access to non-Gmail accounts. But things are definitely moving, so don't rule either out for the rest of the year.

Source: Pocket Lint

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