10 million sales of Samsung Galaxy S 4 confirmed

We knew the Samsung Galaxy S 4 was a big seller, but didn't know just how big those sales were. Now we do.

Samsung has just confirmed that sales of the Galaxy S 4 topped 10 million units sold in record time. So much for a muted response to Samsung's latest flagship smartphone. For the record, the 10 million mark was hit 50 days before Galaxy S III hit that figure and a whopping 5 months and 7 months ahead of the Galaxy II and original Galaxy. Apple might be getting just a little twitchy about that.

Samsung has taken advantage of increased production speeds and smoother worldwide rollouts to achieve the sales figures, with the company unlikely to slow down anytime soon. In fact, it has now announced new colours of the handset, with White Mist and Black Forest to be joined over summer by Blue Arctic and Red Aurora, followed later by Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn editions. So if you fancy those colours, try and hold back for a few weeks.

Hopefully the UK will see the S 4 Google Edition too, but no news on a firm date for that as yet.

Source: Engadget

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