HTC One Google Edition rumoured

We got news of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, but presumed the 'stock Android option' was a one-off. Now it seems that the HTC One will get similar treatment.

It's all rumour though, specifically a rumour via an influential HTC developer, who took to Twitter to say: '…this summer we will see HTC One Google Edition or something like that'. Asked if he was sure about this, he replied 'yes'.

In practice, that means the One with no Sense interface, just the Android as it was meant to be. So no flashy feed interaction, for example, but updates, in theory, pushed through a lot speedier. It should also mean more storage on your phone without those HTC add-ons.

It's not likely to be here for a few months, but if you are considering the One and prefer to be without HTC's software, it might be worth holding out a little longer.

Talking of Google Editions, it's not good news for a UK launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition. Google has confirmed it will be exclusive to the US at launch, selling for $649. Whether this is a permanent or initial exclusive isn't clear. Fingers crossed it's the latter.

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