Vodafone 4G network for UK delayed

Vodafone's 4G network has been talked about for a summer launch for months, with the company even offering contract deals for potential 4G customers as far back as last year. Those potential customers could be disappointed.

According to The Guardian, Vodafone has delayed the launch of its 4G service until around September, which is much later than anyone expected. We expect it around now to be honest. Why the problem? It seems to be down to the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 works on EE's 4G network, but does not run on the frequencies Vodafone, O2 and many operators in continental Europe are planning to use for 4G. The company doesn't seem keen on changing this either. Interestingly, it was recently reported that Vodafone has a 4G iPhone 6 in its future inventory, so it sounds like both phone and network could launch simultaneously.

Vodafone is putting on the traditional brave face. 'We are convinced our own 4G will be better performing,' said Vodafone's chief executive, Vittorio Colao. 'We want to be able to launch it when it's really ready. End of the summer means when there is going to be a good commercial window for launching it.'

Vodafone had been expected to beat both O2 and Three to a 4G launch. That's still the case with Three, but with O2 still talking about summer, Vodafone might just have slipped down the pecking order. At least, for a couple of months.

Source: The Guardian

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