First Jolla phone makes a splash

If, like us, you have been eagerly awaiting more from Jolla, the company started by ex-Nokia employees Marc Dillon and Jussi Hurmol, then today is your lucky day.


The company has unveiled its first phone – also called Jolla - which is powered using a custom operating system known as Sailfish.


The Sailfish OS sprung from the ashes of MeeGo, an operating system Nokia was creating to replace Symbian, but later abandoned in favour of Windows Phone 8.


The Jolla phone will be available by the end of 2013 and will only be sold online. By the way, it’s pronounced ‘Yol-La’, which sounds like one of Superman’s uncles.


The company’s flagship device is priced at €399 and boasts a 4.5-inch screen, eight-megapixel camera and LTE. Amazingly, despite the Sailfish OS, it will also be compatible with Android apps.


One of the most fascinating details about the product is a cool feature called The Other Half, where the interchangeable back panel affects the systems interface. Swap the red back panel for yellow, and the on-screen OS changes accordingly, which has masses of potential - imagine adding an Iron Man 3-branded back panel, and the OS changing to look like Tony Stark's heads-up display.


How this works, we’re not sure yet, but NFC is a safe bet.


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