Thinner and lighter iPad 5 to launch in September

If you are hoping to take an all-new iPad on your summer holidays, you might be disappointed. Unless you happen to have something booked late.

That's because there are new claims that a new iPad 5 will go into production in July, but will only launch in September. Those claims come via the Digitimes publication, which cites unnamed sources in the Taiwanese supply chain.

So early September for the shelves for a tablet likely to be lighter and thinner. That's down to a thinner glass screen and new GF2 touchscreen technology, enough to take about 33 per cent off the weight of the current 9.7-inch iPad.

On top of that, the tablet is said to feature just one LED light bar for backlighting as opposed to the current two used for Retina display iPads. Why does that matter? It means it will use less power and as such, means your battery will have a longer life.

More details likely to slip out before the September launch, but at least you have a date to work to if you need to save up.

Source: Apple Insider

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