Google Play Music All Access officially confirmed

We might have to wait a little while for it to head over to the UK, but at least we now know that Google Play Music All Access does actually exist.

As we mentioned yesterday, Google is keen to muscle in on the streaming music market, signing deals with the big labels ahead of this launch.

It has now shown off the finished service, but there are limits, as you might expect. First off, this is Android 2.2 and above only (so no iPhone app, for example) and this is currently only for the US. We suspect that's a rights issue, with Google itself keen to push this worldwide, as well as across more platforms as soon as it can.

The price of $9.99 is interesting too, as it means it will match Spotify in the US and likely charge the same £9.99 in the UK. Any hopes of Google going in hard on price are now long gone.

So what so you get for your $9.99? Well, you get Google's take on music streaming. Right now, that means the option to stream millions of tracks, but with an element of music discovery too - recommendations based on what you have been listening to. You can also turn a track into a radio station, not unlike the US-only Pandora music software. Not sure there's any 'killer' features there to kill off Spotify, but the Google name will certainly mean this is a prominent launch.

As we said, that launch is US-only right now, with discounts being offered for anyone signing up promptly. Hopefully a similar deal will be offered here, but right now, we would just like the service here. Here's hoping.

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