Google could be about to launch Spotify-like music service

This was talked about back in February, but now it looks like the launch of Google's new Spotify-like music service could be imminent.

In fact, a new report claims Google will unveil new subscription music services tomorrow at the Google I/O conference. The Verge reports that Google has now signed separate licensing deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment for both YouTube and Google Play, setting the stage for an announcement. Earlier this year, Fortune magazine reported that Google had already struck similar licensing agreements with Warner Music Group.

If Google rolls out the new service at its Google I/O event, it will mean that it gets one step ahead of Apple, which has been rumoured to be doing something in the same area ahead of the iOS 7 platform launch. That's likely to hurt.

Google's service is believed to be similar to Spotify, with Google's subscription services offering on-demand music streamed to PCs and mobile devices. Apple is thought to be working on an online radio service that plays songs at random, not unlike traditional radio. So probably room for for both services.

The New York Times added that Google’s service won't offer a free tier for its streaming service, which is interesting, meaning all eyes will be on Google's pricing. Will it fall into line with something like £9.99 or will it go cheap, killing off the competition? It has the power to do the latter, but will want to turn a profit.

We should have an idea on the next day or two.

Source: The Verge

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