PayPal Check-in is UK-bound

PayPal showed off NFC mobile payments as far back as 2011, but the ability to pay for goods instore with PayPal has taken longer to come into play in the UK. Well, it seems the wait is almost over.

PayPal Check-in has now been confirmed as coming to stores across the UK this summer - and you might not have to take your phone out of your pocket.  Once you have the relevant app installed, you simply 'check-in' when you enter a participating store by swiping a pin on the retailer's web page.

The shop then registers that you as a PayPal customer and that you are on the shopfloor. Your photo will appear with your account on its system and you will be able to pay for your goods without having to show your phone.

So, if you go into your favourite chain coffee shop, just check-in, then order your tall coffee. When it comes to paying, just say PayPal and your work is done. Money is transferred from your PayPal account to pay the bill.

We don't yet know who has signed up, with PayPal promising an initial list of participants in June. Once Check-in is launched, PayPal will then look at launching another service, known as PayPal Order Ahead. In this case, you will be able to order your food or drink from participating retailers from the PayPal app before you leave your home or office and it will be waiting there, made and paid for, when you arrive.

Nice way to beat the lunch queue.

Source: Pocket Lint

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