Carphone Warehouse offers an iPhone for 56p per day

An iPhone for just over 50p per day? That's not a dream, it's reality if you head down to Carphone Warehouse.

But it's perhaps not the iPhone you would ideally want. Carphone Warehouse is now offering a contract deal (24 months) for the 8GB iPhone 4 for just £17 per month. The iPhone 4 might lack the likes of Siri, but it does come with the latest version of iOS and runs all the apps in the app store. With that in mind, it's not a bad deal on the face of it.

'Launching the cheapest iPhone tariff is an exciting move for Carphone Warehouse,' Graham Stapleton, Chief Operations Officer for the company said. 'Many of our customers want the opportunity to own the iconic Apple handset, but at a tariff that works for them.'

'Even though smartphones are mainstream, there are still thousands of customers who are upgrading from a feature phone to a smartphone, and this deal is perfect for them.'

The deal is offered via the both O2 and Three networks, with an 8GB iPhone 4 on O2 coming with 300 monthly minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data.  The Three deal has 500 inclusive minutes, unlimited texts and a 250MB data allowance.

Interestingly, Apple has a budget iPhone in the works, so this might not be the ideal deal for anyone looking to go budget. But if you can't wait, you know where to go.

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