Amazon developing 3D smartphone

The last time we heard about Amazon's smartphone plans, we heard there was a delay, with new kit launching towards the end of 2013. Now we know why. It looks like Amazon could be producing something rather special when it does launch.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon has a range of devices being readied for launch, including two different smartphones. One of those devices is said to be a 'high-end smartphone' featuring a screen that allows for three-dimensional images without glasses. Using retina-tracking technology, images on the smartphone will seem to 'float above the screen like a hologram' and appear three-dimensional at all angles. You might even be able to navigate content using just your eyes, according to sources related to the project.

As we said, something special and worth the wait, rather than the budget offering we were half expecting. Although there might be one of those as well. After all, there are two smartphones launching.

But there is a downside. That same source claims Amazon plans to release just some of the devices it is currently testing in the coming months, but some could be dropped because of 'performance, financial or other concerns'. Please don't let that be the 3D phone. Especially if it comes pretty cheap, following in the steps of the Kindle tablets.

More on this is certain to follow. We'll keep you posted.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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