iPhone 6 listed in Vodafone inventory

For some months now, we've been talking about the iPhone 5S, with the presumption that Apple's next phone will be a modest step up from the present model. We might have been wrong with that thought.

According to Stuff, a spy shot of Vodafone's inventory has been sent over to them, which lists '4G iPhone 6' as an upcoming product. That, of course, offers two interesting pieces of information.

First up, it now looks like the next iPhone will be the iPhone 6 rather than the slight upgrade of an iPhone 5S. In addition, it looks like the phone will play nicely with Vodafone's yet-to-launch 4G network. That's likely to be a huge selling point, with the current iPhone 5 only being compatible with the EE 4G network right now.

Apple's WWDC event kicks off on 10 June, with the possibility of a launch of the rumoured budget iPhone with plastic casing, along side the first glimpse of Apple's completely redesigned iOS 7 operating system.

As for the iPhone 6, there's no news of a definite launch date, but we heard yesterday that after rumours of delays, parts are already arriving at manufacturers, with production kicking off as soon as July.

Source: Stuff

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