Nook HD tablets get Google Play store

It got a decent review off us when it hit the UK and now it has been on the receiving end of a price cut. But the cherry on top for the Nook HD tablet is about to roll out - access to the Google Play store.

That means both the 7-inch Nook HD and larger HD+ will now be able to access all Android apps, including the Kindle app from Barnes & Noble's literary competitor Amazon. A brave move. They also get Google's Chrome browser too, which is a nice bonus.

It means the Nook, on paper, is now a better prospect than the Kindle Fire tablet apps-wise, as Amazon still ring fences apps within its own app store. Although with no GPS or camera, you'll find some key Android apps still don't work. But media is suddenly more of an open market, with access to other sources outside Barnes & Noble.

In addition to this update, both the 7-inch Nook HD and larger HD+ are now available for £129 and £179 respectively - a limited time offer in support of the literacy initiative, Get London Reading. So you better move fast if you want to grab these tablets at the new bargain price...

The Google Play update is over the air, so check for any notifications on your tablet if you want it.

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