Twitter updates iOS and Android apps

Twitter has been tweaked for both Android and iOS, so if you have either app, it's a good time to press that update button.

Both apps now come equipped with the over 100 new locations for highlighting trends in that area, which of course means you get trends more specific to you if you happen to be one of those areas.

With the iOS app, Twitter users are now able to invite their friends to join straight within the app. That is, of course, if you know anyone not on Twitter who is on the internet. That might be a tough call, aside from your parents, perhaps. Additionally, when you reply to a rewet, the app will automatically mention both the original author of the tweet, as well as the person retreating.

Android updates are primarily big fixes, with one significant and perhaps one lesser exception. You can now easily switch between Twitter accounts via the menu. A simple thing, but for us multi-account folk, quite an important one. Also, Vine playback has been improved, if you happen to have stuck with that side of the Twitter empire.

All of that available with a download or an app update.

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