Three versions of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in circulation

Strange to think that we have already been talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for months, yet the launch of the handset is unlikely to take place until the summer has been and gone. But it sounds like Samsung is already investing a lot of time and effort into its latest supersized smartphone.

A leaked handset appeared online recently, but that was soon outed as a forgery. However, the SamMobile site claims it has insider information that three different Note 3 prototype handsets are actually in the wild.

It claims one of those phones has the design of the Samsung Galaxy S4, another will be a 'completely different design' and the final (and by far the most interesting) will have a 'flexible display design'. However, Samsung is said to be having problems with this last one, which could force it into one of the other designs.

Samsung did show off a flexible screen at the CES event, with the aim of using it in a future smartphone. It now looks like the Note 3 is that phone.

More details and leaks certain to follow, especially with at least four months before any official launch. Here's hoping Samsung finds a way forward with that flexible display in the meantime.

Source: SamMobile

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