Original iPhone becomes obsolete

It hasn't been officially announced, but as of 11 June 2013, the original iPhone officially becomes vintage technology. Or at least, it becomes obsolete in an Apple retail store.

That's according to internal documents that have come to light, which claims various pieces of Apple kit will be listed as 'vintage and obsolete products'. It means you can't walk into an Apple store to get your handset repaired, as the phone will be 'obsolete'. However, you might be able to get your 'vintage' iPhone repaired with AppleCare or authorised service providers if you call them directly. So not a complete dead end.

Why you would want to keep an original iPhone going after all these years isn't clear. This is a phone with Edge (2G) connectivity and 128MB RAM. A stark contrast to the cutting edge technology six years on in the iPhone 5.

Perhaps some people see the smartphones as future collectables and if you want to make top money, you'll probably want a working model (not to mention all the packaging).

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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