Game Review: Cut The Rope Time Travel (iOS)

Cut The Rope: Time Travel is, rather obviously, the follow-up to massively popular puzzler Cut The Rope, which sees you feeding sweets to a painfully cute green creature called Om Nom. Sounds easy enough, but the sweets are attached to ropes and chains or trapped in bubbles, and you’ll need to make full use of various bombs, saws, rockets and other implements to direct the sugary treats towards the hungry critters.


Cut The Rope Time Travel iOS review


Whereas the first Cut The Rope had you feeding just Om Nom, this follow-up involves two monsters at a time: Om Nom and one of his distant relatives from a forgotten time. Each level is a tiny bite-sized effort that can be completed in seconds, but some are fiendishly complex and require very precise timing, so can actually take several minutes to complete. Then there’s the three stars scattered around each screen, that can only be collected by bumping them with one of the sweets. Collecting all three can prove tricky at times, giving you plenty of incentive to repeat completed levels (especially as the stars unlock further stages).

As well as slicing ropes with a quick slash of your finger, you can pop bubbles by tapping them, freeze time with a handy gizmo, pull sweets towards you with Om Nom’s special telekinetic abilities, blow them around with strategically positioned bellows, and much more on top. Fresh game mechanics are added regularly to keep things fresh, and Cut The Rope: Time Travel held our attention to the very end. In fact, we were so addicted that we breezed through half of the game in just a couple of hours. The game is suitable for kids and adults and is well worth every penny of the meagre asking price.


Cut The Rope Time Travel iOS review


Complete each stage and you’re rewarded with a YouTube link to an Om Nom cartoon, based on the time period you just visited. Only one was available at the time of writing, with more to follow soon, but we’re impressed by the joyously colourful animation. Frankly, the cartoons are so cute that they almost melted our icy hearts. Almost.

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